Friday, October 13, 2006

My cats

Today I am going to talk about my cats and I am going to post some pictures. Later on I am going to talk about my trip to Switzerland, strategies of learning a foreign language, my favourite sites and my daily program.
My favourite cat was Aphrodite. I named her this way because she is very beautiful. Unfortunately she abandoned our yard. She gave birth to three very beautiful babies, but the two of them died. The third one was female and I named her Harmony, because, according to Greek mythology, she was Aphrodite's daughter. She ended up beeing run over by a car.
Before Aphrodite, I had adopted a black and white female cat which I named pussycat. She died due to pneumonia, according to the vet.
Afterwords, I took care of three baby cats that were abandoned by their mother. They were doing very well at first, but they finally passed away maybe due to the lack of their mother's milk.
One orange and white male cat in our yard is very agressive and it has chased away all of the other male cats. He even attacked a dog! As a result all our newborn cats except of one are white and orange.


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